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Health Update

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Wish you well @bishop5150 sending all good energy your way man. Your at a great hospital Mayo is were you need to be.
I had testicular cancer two different tumors 79 - 80 was in the hospital for two months and they fixed me I was lucky and beat the cancer.
it was a rough road but I’m still here wishing you well man. Hang in there some really good doctors there


Five minutes ago I would have said I had a fair amount of respect for Todd. The man has some chops.
Then, after finding out he has stage 3 lung cancer he says:
"Many of us have family and friends dealing with really bad stuff right now. Please pray for them."
Whole new level of respect brother!
Looking forward to when you tell us the docs have given you a clean bill of health. Never doubt it! Over 10 years and counting for me.
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Hey Todd, Sending positive vibes your way. So glad to hear you have the strong support of family and friends and a top notch medical facility close by.
Stay determined and keep your positive attitude.


I'm not a religious man by any means, so hopefully good thoughts and vibes will suffice.

That said...always fight, always forward. Never quit. Kick this things ass man.


Peace, brother. May you have a progressive journey and the best possible outcome. The wonderful attitude you're bringing will carry you on this ride.
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Fractal Fanatic
I started reading your post with a little bit of fear, but it knowing that you have some of the best medical minds working on a curative treatment convinced me that you have this beat.

Keep up the positive vibes... and continue applying and sharing your high-volume guitar therapy.
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