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Health Update

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Fractal Fanatic
Lots of good vibes your way, man!
And with the large number of good wishes and recovery postulates from your Fractal Family, there's a long road ahead of you with more Rock and Roll - sans tumor!


Well, you've got a great attitude about it and I think that alone will take you a long way!

Thanks for sharing and including us in your personal life.

Many positive vibes towards a fast and full recovery.


Hey, from one guy who rang the “all clear” bell to one who is surely going to do it as well, I’m pulling for you! Stick with your plan, trust the team, keep positive all the time. The attitude keeps you chugging along, and takes a huge load off of your care group, especially the wife.

I am an hour south of you, and very sincerely offer to come to town if you ever need a hand. I’ll PM my cell # to you.


:( So sorry to hear this Bishop. Please keep us posted (well, as much as YOU wish to, of course)
I am not a religous man, but I will make an exception. You are in my thoughts, my fractal friend!
I beat kidney cancer in 2001. I did and you will. Medicine has come so far today...................Thoughts!
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