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Headphones anyone?


New Member
I enjoy playing all hours of the day - the rest of the house, not so much. Found the trick below in another Fractal thread and thought I'd share it. (Thanks Cliff)

Try this:
Make a patch with no cab block.
After the amp put a Filter block. Reset to make sure all parameters are at default values.
Set the type to Lowpass.
Set the Order to 4th.
Set the Freq to ~5000.
Set the High Cut Freq to ~5000.

Adjust the Freq and High Cut Freq to taste. For more aggressive tones increase both to 6000 or so. For warmer tones decrease both to 4000 or so.

Now, to add some "character" put a Graphic EQ or Parametric EQ block after (or before) the Filter block. Boost 125 Hz a little. Play around with some of the midrange and upper midrange bands to change the character of the tone. This is what I used:
31: 0.0
63 Hz: 0.6
125 Hz: 4.57
250 Hz: 0.25
500: 0.0
1K: -5.0
2K: -2.27
4K: 1.95
8K: -1.0
16K: -5.77

The reasoning behind this is that there is no such thing as a "flat" speaker. All speakers, even really expensive monitors have peaks and dips in the response. That's why they all sound different. The primary thing a guitar speaker does is roll off the highs aggressively at somewhere between 4K and 6K Hz. The Filter block replicates the rolloff but lets the natural response of the speaker come through.

A preset (8 pre/0 post) with the above blocks allows me to go directly from the unused Out(Pre) of my FX8 into a small mixer - plug a pair of headphones in and play all night. As a caveat, I'm using what I already have laying around the music room. It's quick, easy, and workable. I also had to tweak the eq settings some for the headphones I'm using.
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