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HBE Quantum 1.05, Toontrack Progressive Foundry, OwnHammer--riffage


Thanks guys! Now that I listen back on fresh ears... Man is that mix dark and bloated. Lol. Never mix anything (or rough mix for that matter) after you've dialed tones out of context for a few hours. lol.


I gotta say, every time I see your name pop up with a new recording I know right away that it's going to be awesome. I'm far from a metal or high-gain type, but the tones you get are still just so damn pleasing to me. Keep doing what you're doing.


wow, thanks man, that means a lot actually. :)

one more change... (this time with an added part on the end and an odd bendy solo, lol)


Just awesome man!
I bought the SD 2.4 two weeks ago and been looking the Progressive Foundry expansion... I'm still having a little learning curve going on with the Superior Drummer. Just downloaded the "Nolly Avatar" preset for a guide, where to start with the build in mixer. Anyway, you have a very nice playing and tone!
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