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HBE on Quantum with new OwnHammer EWH cab mix... is... amazing.



Hey guys! Ok, so I've been a Herbie chnl 3 whore for like a year... but, uh, I think the HBE on Quantum with the new OH EWH cab mix is my favorite thing ever. This is pretty much exactly the tone I've been hearing in the my head. Super quick throw-away riff here but damn... so juicy!

Skervesen fanned 7, DIngwall, Superior Drummer.

Bus compression duties are the TK Audio BC501 which is stellar!


Like I told you on fb, it is awesome! You really should concider uploading your patches to the axechange :) I saw that you have some, but they are quite old. Would love to study the woodoo you are using there :D




I always like your guitar tone and the new is so good.
Do you use a Drive bloc?
Sometimes I use a drive block... this one has it, but I only mix in about 50% of it usually. Other times I use just a filter (with the Herbie) and other I use a combo on filter and drive mix.


Power User
Hey guys, was tipped off about this thread. The library has been up and available since this past Monday at around 1:45 PM EST:

412 MES-ST Impulse Response Library

It's on the homepage in the main pictorial menu and the quick access text menu on the left

As always, killer tone, playing, and mix Eric! :) And am I right, is that guitar tuned down to G?!?!

Thanks for the interest and support guys!
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