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HBE meets Lead Yellow in a rock/metal track


Howdy folks,

Been putting in the hours with the Axe FX II since firmware 10 came out, just put together a demo track with the HBE (hands down my favourite amp so far) and the Lead Yellow. Really digging how these 2 amp tones mix, the HBE seems to cut more while the Lead Yellow holds the low end. The lead tone is the same HBE patch with some verb/delay. JTM45 for the clean tones, I'm finding that lately I've been digging that sound more than the Fender cleans.



Very nice indeed, started off like Opeth but went into something else then came back to Opeth. You are correct the two tones do complement each other


I have also switched my clean patches to the JTM 45 and away from the Fender amps. It sounds to me like it has a tighter bottom end and more clarity. I enjoyed your sound clip. Thanks
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