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Having sound issues with a downloaded patch


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is anyone willing to help me out. i have two patches someone was nice enough to share and i cant seem to get the sound to work. in the meters screen i see sound meters on the block through the amp but nothing on output side. i want someone to check out the patches and see what my noob self is missing. thanks again.


check for Controllers. click Controller in Axe Edit top left, then Modifiers near the very bottom of that lower edit part. probably some volume control. click it in that list, it will go to the modifier, just set Source to NONE for now.

here's an old video on the topic:

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Also..... check the CAB block. The preset that you got may have had a CAB IR that you do not have. Replace with another IR if it is not there. Most common issue when sharing presets.


have checked all of that. still puzzled as to what is going on. anyone have time to take a peak at it?
you said the sound is stopping at the Amp block?

remember the current amp type, then choose another amp type, then choose the first one again.
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