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Having screen issues

King Prawn

The past couple of days the screen on my Axe Fx II has been a bit sluggish.
When changing screens it seems like the refresh rate has dramatically dropped. This is most evident when on the tuning page. Before the tuning wheel would easily respond and give smooth feedback, but now it's constantly flickering and at some points disappearing altogether - which is why I'm guessing it's a refresh rate issue.

The sounds from the unit as fine as far as I can tell, it's just this is somewhat worrying. Any advice?


It could be a number of things... lcd screen about to fail, loose ribbon cable, and other reasons.

Where you go from here depends on a lot of things (including how old the unit is), but raise a support ticket and see what Fractal suggest.


I've been having the exact same issue the last couple weeks ( first most noticeable with tuner,then eventually on any patch chosen) ...I too will keep an eye on the CPU usage...
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