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Have we reached the end of new amp models in the Axe 3?


Not a criticism by the way; obviously I'm aware of the massive challenge that goes into modeling a new amp, so not trying to make it seem like anyone is slacking off.

The Axe has way more amp models than anyone else, and they all sound amazing. But I have noticed that it's been some time since we've had a flush of new models (not just expansions of existing models) and I'm wondering if this is it, or if Cliff has some super secret amp models up his sleeve.

If this is it, so be it--I am quite happy with the models that are already here. I'm just curious.


Could be since no many new ones in the last year or 2, but, +1 - there's more than enough in there now to keep me happy.


I have never expected anything beyond what's already in there. But I've always really hoped. Randall, maybe Victory (although we have so many marshall type things), more ENGL, the later 5153 revisions, H&K ...


There are rather special amps fractal doesn't model. To that, it can be said that tweakability means we can emulate anything out there. I think there's truth there.

But also there's stuff that you can't always easily hear, but feel.. which often makes a meaningful difference for players. Just look at all these marshall sim variations. And different amp sims can also offer a new way of coming up with tones, whatever these end up being.

I don't believe we've seen the end of fractal amp sims. But I wouldn't hold my breath for some specific amp sim I may desire, considering such additions don't seem to be as common as (I believe?) they once were.
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Could be since no many new ones in the last year or 2, but, +1 - there's more than enough in there now to keep me happy.
It’s true that we already have a lot. buuuuuut, I m not against seeing new models . It’s true that it’s a long time now without new heads implemented

cole lewis

The next thing I wouldn't mind seeing done is the same improvement done to the "regular" overdrive pedals done to the "old" ones. (fuzzes, treble booster etc)

The same way we have all these different clipping options it would be cool to see say for example, a bunch of the different fuzz face variations. Silicon, germanium, the different types of each, etc.

We have enough amp models. No one is going to complain if we get more but I think most of us are happy with what we have. If you ask someone why they need/want X new high gain amp out there, the reasons imo, are going to very vague. Almost every time. It's almost always really just about hype.

Another thing. Myself included, a lot of us have this weird psychological thing where we want to see X name on the amp model, like with the JMP-1, when Cliff updated it. There is a sort of nice feeling you get making a patch and all 4 amp channels now say JMP-1 and are the JMP-1. So what do you guys think about Cliff doing that for the rest of the amps where he didn't model every channel? I'm curious whether most of us would be happy with him doing that, since he has the schematics for these amps. Would be "easier" than trying to do newer amps with not easily found schematics.
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