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Have we lost Mark Day's Ultra Patches forever?


and the last few I have...

Mark often used to adjust the global EQ for the direct out for a lot of these patches to varying levels.

eg for the 80's le tekro oatch he quoted:-
"I pulled 250 and 500hz down a tad with Global EQ 1. The cab is a factory IR (Cali 4x12)."

and for the HBE YT patch he quoted:-
"Global EQ 1: 63hz=OFF, 125hz=+0.4, 250hz=-2.7, 500hz=-3.7 all others flat."

and for the Luke Solo patch he quoted:-

"Global EQ1 as always:

63hz= -12
125hz= 0.4
250hz= -2.7
500hz= -3.7
All others FLAT "



Anyone know what the RW cab(s) he used were? Thanks - Shep
For the "Mark's DreamSolo ST" patch, Mark used a Redwirez Mesa 4x12 V30 R121 cone edge 3”.

He also sometimes used one of the cabs from the freely available "Red Wire Experiments" cab collection that was posted on the old forum as a zip file. My old forum link to this file now results in a corrupted file download (some bytes missing), but the file name was "Red Wire Experiments.zip".
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