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Hating my Axe FX, any last words before I sell?

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Take someone up on their offer to help. Provide patches.

i totally understand and echo some of what you said, but just to clear things up and keep moving forward in a positive direction, he is taking up offers and continuing to work on it. :)


Cliff , For the Love of God, PLEASE come out with a vocal unit that models well known vocalist(Freddy Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant , Roger Daltry , Miss Piggy......)

I have wanting this from the beginning of my time on earth music wise. Not A voice Live 2 (or 3 now)- I have one and its not what Im talking about... To mimic other singers is what I want. This is not any kind of a slam on anything other than me trying to sound like something other than Billy Gibbons , which I do quite well I think ( but kinda suxs for Styx toons ; ) )... Anywho, a voice box that would allow this (they have to be able to do this these days)I would get, immediately and without any hesitation. Sorry for hijacking the thread but when I read this I could not help it... :D
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