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Hardware need to connect axe fx standar to a mac


New Member
Can someone help or tell me what is the best way of connecting my mac to my axe fx standard, and the hardward need it accomplish this?
thank you
Here is the items that you might need for the Ultra.

For midi connection so you can use the AXE Edit (both of them have worked for me):



For listening with headphones (if you are not going through a mixer or recording interface):


For connecting the Ultra to the headphone amplifier in stereo (not needed if you are fine with mono):


For connecting the 3.5mm connector to a 1/4 TRS (needed, if you are going to use the y-cable):

https://www.sweetwater.com/store/de...female-to-1-4-inch-trs-male-headphone-adapter (if you prefer gold)

https://www.sweetwater.com/store/de...103-mini-to-1-4-inch-stereo-headphone-adapter (if you want to save a $1, lol)
Also, look for the AXE-O-Matic so that you can convert IR cabs over to the correct format, if you want more than the stock cabs (there is a lot of free IR cabs out there and using non-stock cabs made the Ultra sound stellar to me for recording and headphone use).

You can search through the forum for posts about it and links to where you can find it out there.
Additionally, look for Ultra presets by Leon Todd, Mark Day, Fremen, and Yek.

They sound top rate and will help you get your favorites running right away :cool:
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