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Hard vs. Soft


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Ha! Not that, I'm talking rack cases.

I am currently using a 6u SKB rack and it is killing me to lug it around. Any of y'all using a soft rack case for an FXII? If so, brand, likes or dislikes? Thanks in advance for the replies.


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I have my Axe2 and Matrix GT1000 in a cheap as shit Thomann 'Millenium' 4U padded rack bag - planned just to use it for travelling to rehearsals or storing at home but it's sturdy enough for gigging most places I'd say (well after the cheap plastic screws that hold the padded sleeve to the frame are replaced with proper rivets and washers). I have also got a custom made birch ply 4u and a 6U Gator on standby for the more adventurous outings if needed (and taking lumps of paint from my car's boot/trunk).

The Axe and Matrix in a padded rack bag is just so damn easy (light) to transport - sling it over your shoulder and have both arms free for a couple of guitar cases or a speaker cab


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I used a gator rack bag with my ultra and I really liked it. Light, ready to carry, adequate. The only downside was that I'm pretty sure something hit the front panel, which flexed and pushed the main knob in. It doesn't float as nicely as it once did. It kinda drags on the faceplate a little. So, fyi, the front and back don't quite protect as well as the sides, even though the front seems sturdy.

My axe 2 is now in an EWI shock rack from www.audiopile.net. Which is super heavy, but built like a tank. I'm pretty sure this thing would survive a trailer rollover.


I've picked this up from GC, and there's a whole lot that I like about it. It's light, of course. It's got wheels. It's full rack depth. It's pretty decently made for what it is. But having said that, it's still a soft case over a thin frame, and I'm concerned about the front panel. It's well padded and sunk into the case (the rack rails are inset maybe an inch or so). But still, I'm not sold on whether it provides enough protection.

Here's what I love about it. The large storage pocket (on top when the rack is laid down flat for use) has two slots that open into the rack. So you can leave your MIDI/CAT5, XLR and 1/4" output cables, and the power cable to run out to my powered speaker all plugged in to the Axe and power conditioner inside, and then have them coiled up in the storage pouch ready to go. No plugging/unplugging even for cables that run external. Granted, many other racks would have some space in back to stuff cables in similarly, but this is cleaner. In fact, I wouldn't need to open up the back panel at all except that my power conditioner has an attached cable that's too big to fit through the slot. If I settle on keeping the case, I could probably widen it a bit to get that through, and everything would be up in that top pouch, plugged in and ready to pull out.

Road Runner RKPRC4W Rack Porter Bag | GuitarCenter

As much as I like that, I remain concerned that it won't protect as much as one of the roto racks from SKB or Gator. I won't go heavier than those, and I don't think I really need a rack case. But a roto case seems like it'd offer better protection, especially for the front panel, and with a similar size and weight.


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UPDATE: I bought the Gator soft bag [RGB-3]. I went with the 3u and I'm glad I did. I was concerned about the front handles on the FX-II sticking out too far, but the rails on the Gator bag are recessed. It is a perfect fit. I'm not a Gator sales person, but the bag works great, and is MUCH easier to transport than my old hard rack. Just thought y'all might like to know that the Gator is a perfect fit.
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