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Guthrie Govan - Ancestral Solo with tone match preset


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If you have been in his presence while playing, you would agree that GG is not of this world. Not many can touch him, especially in his otherworldly improvisation skills.

He's the nicest guy, he even let me play his guitar! Now mind you this was like 8-9 years ago when I still lived in NH and I was doing some promoting for his gigs around Berklee and the Boston area. I asked him what he's thinking about when he's improvising, he said, "nothing at all." :tearsofjoy:


Last time I saw the Aristocrats, I asked him and Marco what they think about writing parts on other peoples' music that players who come after them won't ever be able to touch. They kinda brushed it off and gave a non-answer. Let's face it, as good as Craig Blundell and Dave Kilminster/Alex Hutchings are, they'll never touch what GG/MM contributed in SW's band.

That said, I saw Steven Wilson's tour in Dallas last December, Ancestral was on the setlist. It was one of the very best nights of live music I have ever seen hands down. Probably in my top 5 all time, out of 100s of live shows I've seen.


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GG is The Master ! Wow, amazing tone and playing skills. Would it be possible to get the backing track?
Thank you for the kind words! Yep, GG is the GOAT! This post is from 2019, so I have no idea about the backing track still. I just searched on YouTube and this one should work for you

Doc Rock

I can't believe that there are guitar players who have never heard of Guthrie! That's like somebody who plays soccer never having heard of Ronaldo or Messi, or a classical pianist never having heard of Bach.

Guthrie has been an absolute beacon of brilliance for at least the last 25 years - his hair used to be dark but is now white! But his playing is extraordinary, in every imaginable style, and as somebody else mentioned, he improvises every solo every time. Here is the solo he improvised on a Jam Track Central Larry Carlton backing track - one take is all it took...


Doc Rock

And of course, "Donna Lee" in multiple styles after looping a full backing track in one go!

Here endeth the lesson on Guthrie Govan for those who may not have heard the gospel of St Guthrie before! ;)

Oh - did I also mention that he worked jointly with Hans Zimmer on the sound track for Top Gun - Maverick?


Your world is about to change! His playing technique, tone, note choice, phrasing, ears, creativity, etc is all top notch.

I got to spend a week with him and The Aristocrats as part of The G4 Experience a few years ago, and his ability is mind boggling... And he is a very humble, down to earth guy, too.
Since this thread was revived, I can say that I got to spend another week in Guthrie's presence during the recent Vai Academy.

Me and @hippietim bumped into when he arrived and had a nice chat while he smoked a "roll up" (as he called it) about traveling with gear.

Still amazing every time...

One thing I didn't mention before is that he's great at distilling things down to a point where he can communicate and explain them very well.


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Everything about this man is reinforcing my desire/need to dive more into jazz theory/improv/ect. My old man bought me a bunch of instructional books and DVDs before he passed and yet I barely touched them. But damn, Gutherie is an inspiration. I need to get back to it.

Kinda makes me think we should do some sort of "Greatest living guitarist" bracket but that would be a waste of time because Guthrie would win. Maybe "Greatest living guitarist who's not Guthrie Govan"?
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