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Guitar speakers vs F12-X200?

I tried an X200 and liked it, but I had it in a 1x12 cab. I’m totally addicted to 4x12’s I think… I’m considering loading mine with X200’s..

I’ve had quite the journey buying and selling gear before I stumbled onto Fractal and was fully converted.

Do you guys prefer the X200 over your favorite guitar speaker?

Is the X200 it’s own type of thing (I know it’s got a tweeter), or would a ‘clean’ guitar speaker accomplish a similar task, but be more of a genuine guitar cab experience? I was thinking of something like the eminence speaker that’s inside the Valvettain Powertrain. It’s described as clean, and to reproduce the sound you put into it.



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I built two f12-x200 celestion spec 1x12 cabs....love them. Run them in stereo. Instant stank face soloing experience.

I plan on building two more and stacking them.....can't recommend them enough.


I have a Matrix GT1000FX-1U on the way... still trying to decide if I want to go for two 1x12 cabs or one 4x12 cab. 4x12 seems damn tempting to be honest, but two 1x12 in stereo is also cool.
Technically in my 4x12 cab, I am running stereo, its just really really close stereo :). I may have to get another 4x12 cab if I want to run true stereo
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