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Guitar lessons / Fractal programming / UK based


Fractal user for 10 years, guitarist for 37 years. Prior to Fractal gear, I was using Marshall, Vox, Mesa, TC Electronic, Eventide, Lexicon etc etc. Several hundred covers gigs performed over the last 10 years and many solo ambient looping gigs. Taught guitar in schools all over South Wales for several years.

Can offer lessons in music theory and guitar techniques in most styles and genres.

All aspects of Fractal programming and sound design, with a bias towards (but not limited to) ambient and experimental sounds.

Please visit my website and go to the Fractal page to listen to some sound examples and also check out some videos.


I can be contacted from my site via email, or use simeon@simeonharris.co.uk

I prefer UK / EU clients, because time differences can be awkward, but if you're flexible, let's talk. I also prefer Zoom to Skype.
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