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Grover Jackson Arete series


Fractal Fanatic
My local shop recently became a dealer for Grover Jackson and just received an Arete 3-Star guitar. They look very stripped down, but let me tell you, they are the real deal. That thing is insanely good. Right when you first pick it up, it's got great weight and feel. The action is stupid low with no rattle and the sound with the hand-coiled pickups is unbelievable. If you're in the market for a really great guitar built by a true Master Luthier, give the GJ2 a look. Now I have some serious GAS for a new guitar... ARG! WHEN WILL IT END?!



I will bet good money they play very good. I had an old Charvel that was made back when Grover and Wayne did some work together back somewhere in the 80's and that guitar played great. I'm having a hard time with the head stock though It looks a little odd to me for some reason.
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