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great tone on headphones, dull on laney cab


New Member
i've playing axe fx 3 for 4 months now. on my headphones (beyerdynamic dt800) it sound truly amazing.
i've bought laney frfr active cal 112, for bedroom volume (low volume). it's sound bad, lifeless, a bit muffled.
i tried to change some EQ, but haven't found a sweet spot.
i played mainly clean (mainly fender), light overdrive, blues.

does anyone here can share an advise how to solve this?


Fractal Fanatic
I think those Laney FRFR cabs have adjustable High Frequency trim on them. Is that maybe turned down by accident?


I had one of these for a while. I suggest disabling the cab in the Axe 3 and using the built in 1x12 cab sim when you're playing at lower volumes, it seemed to me more of a direct sound that I preferred in that application. They sound best pushing some air though.
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