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Great power amp options for axe fx3?


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I had two experiences, Camplifier 50W power amp with Kemper and Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 with Axe 2. The highs on SD were crystal clear while Camplifier wasn't that pleasing (noticeable even at room levels), so I recommend SD products.

I think the price you pay for a power amp is totally worth it and the reason most people think the real amp sounds better than Axe/Kemper is that they're not using it with a high quality power amp. They are comparing an average power amp with a tube one.

I had exactly the same experience with studio monitors. The highs on Neumann KH120 are more pleasing than Yamaha HS50M. I think the main reason is the higher quality power amp in KH120.
Can someone please expand on the pros and cons of using for example a friedman small box vs a freyette LX 2 to power a cab
axefx > amp > cab


I just bought a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700, and I am running that into a Splawn 212 with V30/Creambacks. Lots of power, Stereo amp. 3 band shelving EQ on the front is nice, allows for some quick broad Adjustments.

It does have some very odd design philosophies though, it's 1.5 rack units, switch is on the back, and inputs are on the front. I also run an Aphex Aural Exciter with Big Bottom Pedal in between the Axe III and Powerstage 700 for low volume playing. Pedal adds a depth, makes everything sound better, when adjusted right it sounds amazing.
How are you hooking up your Seymour Duncan Power Stage 700?--- are you using Axe FX 3 Humbuster Output 1 into Power stage? How are you hooking up the Aphex Aural Exciter in between Axe FX 3 and Power Stage 700? there is no FX return on the Powerstage 700; are you going out from Axe FX 3 Humbuster Output 1 into Aural Exciter IN and Aural Exciter Out to Powerstage 700 Input 1. Appreciate your sharing and experiences.
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