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FS Gordius Little Giant 2, MIDI foot controller


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Hi, I'm saling my Gordius LG2 midi foot controller. Very flexible controller, you can virtually program anything you want to control anything you want, it's almost infinite.
I'm in France, so it might be complicated to send it across the ocean, but who knows ?
The price is 200€, which is very low for the machine, I just really need to sell cause I don't use it anymore and i need the space in my cupboard.
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Hi Julien, is it still available? Would you send me a picture? Is the programming easy or is it possible via software?


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Gordius has an editing software over usb. Julien maybe indicate HW and SW version ?
Anyway it's without any doubt the most complete serial production controller I know. Regrettably they don't make them anymore.


if its not sold i would like to buy it but can you quote me shipping to Denmark

Cheers Søren


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Hi everyone. two precisions :
-I made a mistake :((, cause i didn't check the exchange rate between € and $ before posting the message. The price is actually 200€, which corresponds to 227.5$ according to google. sorry for that. Still it's a very low price for a little giant 2. I edited the first post to change this.
-shipping in EU will cost 23.5€.


Hi all, I’ve got a Gordius little giant for sale (Ireland). Non original psu, unit has done just 30 gigs so in perfect condition and working order. Price €225 plus €20 for EU shipping. Thanks.
Probably a good idea to post your own For Sale thread if you have not done so. ;)
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