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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Stunning! Delicate, beautiful. Sensationally tasty and soulful playing. Losing a pet is the awful. My guy, Rufus, a Newfie-Doodle, is a 11.5, doing really well for his age, but still, every time he has a bad day my mind goes to that dark place of "is this the beginning..."
My deepest condolences, and thank you for sharing this with us.


Fractal Fanatic
Here's an Elton John cover! Hope you guys dig!

Lots of the shimmer Plex verb in the intro, and lots of the cloud reverbs through out. For the lead, I used the Dumble ODS with the input boost.

Camilo that was absolutely beautiful
Im sure Yogi would have loved listening to you. Sorry about your little buddy they are our children.


Really gorgeous arranging & playing. Awesome! I will have to view again when I have more time. Curious about one of the instruments played - looks like a 12 string mando or something. What is that instrument?
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