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Good Week for New Music


We got a new album from Bruce Hornsby that is just jaw-dropping good. Not at all what I expected going in. Meds and Echolocation, in particular, are really stand-out tracks.


And then we got a new album from Trey Anastasio! From first listen, this is one of the best Trey studio albums I've heard. I usually don't like the studio albums. But this one is exceptional. There's more synth than ever before I the double female harmonies bring this Pink Floyd-esque vibe to it all that works so well.



The live stream from last night was sublime. They didn't take any breaks. Just played the "concept" concert from start to finish and it was so beautiful. It's not Phish. It's something else all its own that's great.

And for Record Store Day today we get a vinyl release of The Grateful Dead's 1980 show at the Warfield. BOOM!


What a week!


Also this week, a live 1970 radio broadcast performance of a very early Jeff Beck Group with Rod the Mod, Ronnie Wood and awesome drummer Aynsley Dunbar(seldom heard in this band.. might have been a one-off gig)...


Fractal Fanatic
That Bruce Hornsby album has a Sting meets Eels kind of thing going on, with bit of Discipline album in there. Very cool.

I'd have to listen to more, obviously...


Fractal Fanatic
Putting the album in my cart now. (And that's very rare anymore, but man... Bruce Hornsby, from back in the day? Some good stuff.)

Holy hell, yea! That first track, Absolute Zero, had me checking to see if Sting-o was guesting on vocals!

Shades of Kimmock too in tracks like Echolocation and White Noise.


Also, on the less guitar focused front, both Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones had albums drop this week and last.

Both are very solid.

I'll have to check out Hornsby... Haven't really heard much of his stuff since the 80's but the comments have me intrigued.
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