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Good wah settings for Behringer FCB1010


Hey all, i'm doing pretty good but not perfect with the wah. I have all the settings people recommend, but anyone here use the expression pedals of their behringer fcb1010 for wah? any tips? Thanks.


Fractal Fanatic
Well I don't use the wah a whole heck of a lot, but my settings are pretty much stock except for when you get into the modifier section of the CONTROL parameter (highlight CONTROL and hit enter to get into the modifier screen).

I set mine for DAMP 21ms, AUTOENG med, OFF VAL 95%, and of course the SOURCE as whatever you have assigned for that particular pedal. I usually use EXTERN 2 which is set in the I/O section under the CTRL tab EXT CTRL 2 as the same MIDI CC as the expression pedal itself.

With this I can turn the wah off with the pedal all the way down (the OFF VAL). I don't get zipper noise by setting the DAMP to 21ms which makes it smoother and it it automatically turns on when I bring the toe up just a bit by setting the AUTOENG to anything other than OFF.

You can mess with the slope and stuff in there if you want to fine tune the feel and travel, but I never got that deep into it. These settings work well for me personally.


Thank you tons. Truth is the control menu was the real question (damping and slope of the pedal itself.) I will try!
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