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Golden ratio delays

Kamil Kisiel

Another fun one, use the Megatap delay... set taps to 32, delay time to 4000ms, predelay to 1ms, and time alpha to 0.618, decreasing amplitude with alpha also at 0.618. Turn mix up to 50%. Diffusion to taste.

You get a bouncing ball kind of effect.


Great stuff. It does start to converge into reverb or shimmer as you add certain other changes like the diffusion or multiple delays. In fact this is likely a great setting to use when sitting up the multiple delays for shimmer because it's so natural. I'm going to update my shimmer settings with this ratio. Thx for sharing!


I think you can also apply the golden ratio to itself and come up with a range of dual delay times. I'm only an amateur mathematician (Physicist) so take this with a grain of salt...

1 / 1.618 = 1.618 - 1 = 0.618 => delay ratio of 61.8%
0.618 * 0.618 = 0.618 ^ 2 = 0.382 => delay ratio of 38.2%
0.618 ^ 3 = 0.236 => delay ratio of 23.6%

But, what if you want the delays tighter, well try taking roots of the GR instead of powers:

sqrt(0.618) = 0.786 => 78.6% ratio
root_3 => 85.2%
root_4 => 88.7%
root_5 => 90.8%
root_6 => 92.3%
root_7 => 93.4%
root_8 => 94.2%
root_9 => 94.8%

No guarantees that these all sound good, but give it a try... I was surprised that my fave of 85% showed up in the list!
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