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Going in...10.06!


Ok, so I've owned my Axe II for about six weeks now (how the hell did I live before it?) and today I'll be attempting my first firmware update. I just sat back and watched the past few days to see everyone's positive/negative feedback and experiences before going in myself. I'm not what most would call pc literate, so that also was a reason to proceed with caution. As I ran through posts and saw a few users having some problems after the update it hit me...what would I do if my Axe II went down? I would be lost! My xt live sucks ass by comparison and is only used now with headphones while practicing away from home. I will no doubt need at least an Axe Ultra soon for a backup. This unit has TOTALLY spoiled me! So before I even dig into the FAS Modern II, reworked Mesa's and 5153 Red...thank you Team Fractal. Know that your making people very happy, inspiring creativity and hopefully, new generations of 6, 7, even 8 string warriors :encouragement:

And oh yeah...GO BRUINS!!!


Fractal Fanatic
fractal Bot makes updating very easy. Just make sure that if you are using any User cabs, click on the cab block and save or your cabs will be "off"
rectos are way better now FAS Modern II is great, totally useful upgrade.


Yup, fractal bot didn't let me down...very simple and smooth process. It's just that fear of the unknown and not wanting to screw up my Axe II! All's good though, so I'll have no worries concerning future updates...
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