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Going from an Ultra to a Axe II.

Wondering if I dialed in the exact same siqnal chain & parameters of a preset I have in my Ultra, into an Axe II, would it sound the same - better - or much better?

~ thanks for any help on this project


Fractal Fanatic
This was asked and answered many times when the II first launched.

In summary the answer is no, it will not sound the same as the underlying architecture is very different.

You can get it sound the same or better by working the preset. The real benefit of the II is the feel is much more realistic.


I am almost sure it will sound worse! On the Ultra I found that I had to tweak more settings to find "my" tone/ sound. IF I had dialed in the same settings on the II, I would get further away from my sound. II is much easier to dial in - My opinion. - AAEN
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