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Going Direct in Live Situations


I play in a band with another guitarist (I have a 2 he has an ultra). Our bassist uses a pod pro. We play metal corish type stuff. And we both use Peavey modelers.

What have you guys found that makes everything sit in the mix appropriately and not get muddied up? Filters? PEQ? Gain?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Thanks for FW10 and an awesome version of AE to hold us over, Cliff!


It's all about EQ and creating "spaces" for the instruments to live. Gotta cut bass frequencies in the guitar to make room for the bass. Some sound engineers go so far as to scoop a frequency out of the bass guitar to make room for the kick.

Always look at the mix as a whole.

Sean Ashe

Power User
I think Pete Thorn recently uploaded a video on his channel explaining he usually cuts everything below 110-120 out of his guitars. I tried it recently and it does open up a ton of room without changing the sound too badly.


I cut 100 and below and do a cut at 4k. Careful that your mids don't sound too boxy. Use the 250 range to warm it up a bit. Only use small cuts and boosts if you can. Seems to work for me.
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