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Global Reverb on All Presets


Since day one I purchased my new Axe-Fx II, all my presets have reverb, whether or not there's a any reverb block in the preset. Global reverb has persisted throughout all of my firmware upgrades.

On the Global menu, both Reverb Mix and Effects Mix are at 0.0%

Any idea what's going on and how to get rid of automatically having reverb on each and every preset?


Fractal Audio Systems
Global Reverb and Effects Mix are relative. If set to 0% the mix is set by the preset. If set to, say, -10% the mix would be 10% less than the preset mix. See the manual for details.


Fractal Fanatic
With the room parameter in the cab block turned up one could have reverb even without a reverb block, but why should one turn that up everywhere?


Thanks to cliff, 666was999, and yek for your responses. The answer was just simple operator error. A number of presets included reverb blocks or delay/multidelay blocks that tended to make the presets sound wet. Once I called up a preset like the Dee Cee 30, disabled delay and reverb, preset sounded dry as a bone!

Dunce cap time :p
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