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Global EQ Presets


Sorry if asked previously but I did a quick search and found nothing...

What I would find useful is the ability to have a few (maybe 5... or more if it doesn't consume too much resources) 'presets' that would store a global EQ config and a title - one for each Out1 and Out2.

Useful if you are using different cab setups that use a different global eq settings each or regularly playing a venue that supplies PA but that PA needs some tweaking at the Ax side of things.

Currently I do this with written notes and tweaking - would be convenient to have the ability to store this in the unit.


I am new to AX8 and this forum but was searching already exactly for this - some presets for global eq on out 1 and out2 !
Or to be able to bypass the eq on out1 and/or out2.

Is there anything new to this topic? Or might this be considered in future firmware?
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