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Global Cab sim and CPU


I was wondering why I was experiencing such "fluctuating CPU utilization" numbers.
Until I figured out that the global Cab sim. parameter is causing this.
Switching it between On and Off has an impact on the CPU% of presets.

I don't recall the Ultra doing this. Can be an obstacle when initially creating presets without global cab sim. If these presets are a bit full CPU-wise, they'll all overload the CPU when switching on Global cab sim.
OTOH this approach allows players who have no need for cab sims to add substantial more fx to presets.

Is this by design?
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Yeah, I just ran into this today when I was trying to play my AXE II through headphones with cab sims on (when I normally play it through my poweramp and cab). Even without the cab sim on I was still getting a lot of noise like digital clipping and stuttering whether I was playing or not.
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