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Global block question



Just received my FC-12...yay :)
My existing presets are set up with external-1 and 2 for controller inputs (mostly wah and volume blocks). Now I want change the souces to FC pedal 1+2.
Im using global blocks, but it seems that the source in the modifier is not changed globally, which means that I have to go thru all my presets to fix it.
Am I doing something wrong?

FW 5.08

Cheers :)


No your not. Global blocks do not store modifier data, you will need to go thru each preset and change to the new source.


You can save the block after changing it as a block file, then apply the saved block to your other presets, a little quicker than going thru the modifier menu's.


Power User
You could assign FC1 and FC2 to external controll 1 and 2 Then set ext ctrl 1 and 2 as source for wah and volume in each single preset.
It will not save you this time from going through each preset, but it will next time. When you need to change next time you simply assign ext ctrl 1 and 2 globally.
Edit: Ext ctrls don't get reset wgen changing presets, they keep their values!
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