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Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?


I'm trying to do the opposite, because my local food spots are getting killed with this shutdown. And the people who work for them, some who I know personally, have mouths to feed too. If I die, I die. I don't have a family to take care of.
the problem is the large groups of people. hopefully your friends are keeping healthy and clean, so their food is clean. definitely order from them, order from others. but the point is to reduce groups of people. take-out is definitely the way to go. hopefully restaurants have ample supply of containers.


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Dominoes falling very quickly in USA. Guidelines went from no more than 250 people, to 50, to 10 this afternoon.
States & cities closing bars, based on a little surfing:

California: multiple cities/areas
Colorado: Denver
Montana: Missoula County
New York
New Jersey
North Carolina: Charlotte, Mecklenburg County
Texas: Dallas, Harris county,
Utah: Salt Lake City

6 counties in San Francisco bay area just imposed shelter-in-place, closing all businesses and services except essential.

All my booked gigs will probably disappear in 48 hours or sooner.
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Ironically, the business whose IT dept I'm in has seen a HUGE boost, due to all the truckload freight needing to be shipped around the country to restock all the empty shelves. This is normally our slowest season. Meanwhile my upstairs neighbor, who works at a restaurant, is effectively jobless until further notice.

Digital Man

My show next month with a composer from NYC was cancelled. Luckily, I played a show a couple weeks ago before everything went downhill. I've been preparing for this for a couple of months now....


so one restaurant i play has closed after my governor's directive. i had a gig there March 29. GOOD.

another restaurant chain i play at - a HUGE one - has not closed, and from what i can find has not adjusted table distances or anything. i'm supposed to play there on Friday.

anything could change till then, but as of now my gig is NOT cancelled. i have another gig at a 2nd location of this restaurant next Wednesday as well.

what would you guys do?


hmm, ok the mayor of my county/island just signed a proclamation mandating the closure of bars/restaurants beginning 8:30pm this Friday. my gig would be 6pm - 9pm.

he says this is the first time our state has ever considered or done anything like this. on one hand i want to stay in the good graces of the people booking these gigs, but on the other, a state mandate should supersede any prior gig commitments.

i should probably let the booking agent know i'm cancelling.

Rich G.

Erie, PA

All bars, restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc. are on limited hours Take-Out orders only until further notice. Which means all my gigs are canceled until further notice. Could be two weeks. Could be two months.

Many of my musician friends are live streaming house gigs for tips.


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cancelled here as well this weekend.....Summer gigs now in jeopardy.....for all I imagine....sucks.


this is a time where Livestreaming on YouTube or Twitch can help both sides and possibly make some funds for the performers.
And as live-streaming really starts to pick up for artists, everyone please remember to donate, tip, Super-Chat, etc. Nearly every streaming platform has this capability, so remember to give a little something while enjoying their performance!

And artists/performers, live-streamers, etc., don’t be afraid to ask as well!
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