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Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!


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Probably the guy that first had me checking into this Fractal company many years ago. Took a while to convince me, but now I’m convinced. Thanks to Dweezil and one more time the FAS team. This has been a wild ride!!!💫👍🥂

…and most of all to @FractalAudio aka Cliff for such a great piece of gear. probably the best guitar gear in my lifetime.


Awesome preset, I actually got this earlier as well as the other ones he made from his 5150 Bundle where he was going over all the VH Albums. Again a massive thank you to all who contributed as well as Cliff M@ and all at Fractal who made it happen

State of Epicicity

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This series is truly amazing. If one were to judge a company by its endorsements, Fractal is the king, bar none. Aside from that, any direct experience with a Fractal product will convince you. Thank you to all the great musicians in this series, to those who treat their work as both the finest of craft and the finest of art. It's really inspiring to see what these diverse players come up with. Thank you to AdminM for working to assemble all this, and to Cliff for the year round gift of tone that is Fractal. I've certainly never felt so free tonally. Bad tone is like a film over you; you just don't feel right until you can wash it off. With good tone you now have a real palette, the tools to do whatever it is that feels right on the guitar.

About this release: I thought I liked Dweezil from his appearance in Total Recall, but this is much more awesome! 😉


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OMG ..., OMG ..., OMG ... !

This is got to be SO VERY CLOSE to what "The King" felt when hearing his sound come back at him through the studio monitors ! DZ's always been a sonic genius and he really turned his ears loose on this one !

Depending on your guitar, it might not be as "brown" as some of the other efforts around here ..., but this one is 100% usable in a live context .... Some of the other's I've played ..., as well as my own creations just don't seem to "cut it" live ....


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Wow man!! That’s baddass. Just torched the neighborhood for a few. I just had to hear it at volume. Lots of authentic slammed Marshall fizzzz. So legit. Hahaha this has been f’n great trying all the GOT stuff. With this one I didn’t need to touch a thing, just fabulous from the get go. Thanks FAS, thanks Dweezil! Thanks to all of the GOT contributors too! My rig is sounding great, with the new firmware and all the presets and IR’s. I have never enjoyed playing as much as I do now.

Dave Merrill

This is a MONSTER preset! Thanks Mr. Zappa. Curious why one of the delays up front is at 0.1% mix?
Don't know if this is what's at work here (haven't downloaded these yet), but a distorted amp acts like a dirty compressor, so really quiet repeats before it effectively get boosted up. You need less delay mix in that case.
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The input trim is at 7.381. I’m sitting here playing and had my guitar backed way down and it was still singing. It doesn’t really clean up haha. Lovin it!
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