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Gibson or Epiphone

Red Solo Cup

New Member
I think that nowadays it is hard to juatify the price difference between the two (for me at my level of playing) unless buying a custom shop guitar. YMMV


If it's a guitar that I'd take to gigs, rehearsals, jam sessions ... I'd go with the Epi.

If I wanted it as a stay-at-home guitar for playing, recording, and admiring ... I'd go with the Gibson.


Fractal Fanatic
You have to try both and see what:
  • sounds better FOR YOU;
  • looks better FOR YOU;
  • satisfy your gas;
  • is the right for your budget.
I tried many Gibson LP and never found one that sounded good in my hand. Tried a couple of Epiphone Casino recently that sound great. Just my 2c.
I agree with others here.

You MUST play them to see how they feel and play in your hands.

I did this same test back in April and ended up with an epiphone LP Custom Limited edition Silverburst.

I played 15 different LP style guitars from Epiphone, Gibson, Schecter, Ltd, PRS, and a couple of others.
Ultimately the Epiphone sounded best even unplugged and felt amazing in my hands, plus it had zero weight relief and sustained like Nigel from Spinal Tap dreamed of. Even the Gibson standard LP's didn't hold a candle to this epiphone as far as feeling went, with my style and how I wanted the guitar to play and feel.

Andy Eagle

Power User
There is absolutely no comparison, the only and I mean ONLY similarity is the shape. The Eppi is multiple pieces of generic hardwood glued together and painted in thick plastic with garbage hardware and terrible pickup/electrics and if it sounds good it is purely by coincidence. A far better way to buy a cheap Les Paul is an old studio before they started weight relief, 1000% better than any Eppi. The one possible exception is the FugiGen MIJ models.


I wonder why Joe Bonnamassa doesn't play his Signature Epiphone Les Pauls's (he has several) in his concerts? Must keep them at home for safe keeping. Just teasing...a bit.


Power User
@Andy Eagle I always have a listening ear when you post comments.
"The Eppi is multiple pieces of generic hardwood glued together and painted in thick plastic with garbage hardware and terrible pickup/electrics"

Here is what is stated on the Epiphone website.
"The new Les Paul Custom is part of Epiphone’s Inspired by Gibson Collection and honors the 1950s classic designed by Mr. Les Paul himself in 1954 as the “tuxedo” version of his groundbreaking solid body masterpiece. Featuring the traditional Custom bound all-mahogany body, 60s SlimTaper™ neck profile, ebony fingerboard with block inlays, gold Epiphone LockTone™ Tune-O-Matic™ bridge and Stop Bar tailpiece, a pair of critically acclaimed Epiphone ProBucker™ humbuckers, and Custom split-diamond inlay on the headstock. This Epiphone Inspired by Gibson model also has the 60s style Kalamazoo headstock, rolled neck for a comfortable feel, Graph Tech® NuBone® nut, era-appropriate wiring, and CTS® pots."

Are you speaking about a new Epi LP Custom?
Comparing the Gibson & Epiphone specifications side by side, a lot of the descriptions are the same. Sure the Gibson has some nicer appointments.
Can you speak to the thick plastic paint? I really don't know what that is. Thank you.
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