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Gibson buying Mesa?


Acquisition ...yet partnership ...

Randall still oversees

Yeah, every acquiring company ever says some variation of this to soften the blow, and then within two years they're doing whatever they want to do. Randy is 75. I doubt he'd be making this move if he wasn't ready to turn over the reins.


Fractal Fanatic
I just hope this doesn’t mean the M/B brand is going to crash and burn in the future.
If what happened to Tobias Basses happens to Mesa, they will eventually crash & burn. At first it was good, influx of money, moved them to a bigger, better location in Burbank but eventually, they moved the production to Nashville & they totally destroyed the brand.
I was about to sell my Mark III but now I may hold on to it for a little while longer. I just hope they don't come out with the Mark or Recto versions of the FIrebird X ;) Boogie Mark X... Mesa Dual Rectifier Dark Tiger...
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