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Gibberish with 9.0


I,ve just installed FW 9.0 and when using axe edit , the cabs names al look like gibberish, random characters. I can change presets, and otherwise everything else is working fine, but in a new patch i don,t know which coronary artery disease s/p CAB to use because i can, t read the name. Is it that axe edit is not compatible with FW 9 , or should i reinstall FW 9?



I have the mac version so I am not completely sure. I would imagine you download the file to your computer then open it with your midi app. Then send it via usb to your axe. Sorry I'm not more help but I am an amateur when it comes to downloading stuff. I usually end up trial and error until I either have an aneurism or get lucky. Lol

I would bet if you did a search on here you could find something to help you out better than I just did.
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