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Just saw em an hour or so ago in Leeds.

First few seconds of the first song and the tone was fantastic

So pleased I've a III on the way

Do we know what models they're using
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Some pics of the rigs, AXE-FXIII's and II's at 01:20

Maybe 3 for amps and the 2 for specific effects, or backups?

I wonder why both a 3 and a 2. Anyone know how they integrate these? Because he says its exactly the same setup on the other side for guitar right as well.


Late to contribute but Ghost is awesome and once I conquer this Axe 3 manual I have to track down or make some patches. They’ve really perfected that Alice Cooper Killer-era beefy old school tone

Also how do they not just have Axe 3s as backups, they’re f’n Ghost
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