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I would love some guitar tone hints too. The Citrus is real close, as they're known Orange users. I'm anxious to see what they've done as there is Such a nice articulate, punchy, crunch to it. I'd pay to get their preset for Cirice!
I know I'm replying to an old post, but here's my attempt at Ritual. I used a Mark II model, and I think it's close but not perfect.

Someone else in the thread I originally posted this in said he talked to one of the guitarists and said that they like the Friedman models best.

I'd love to hear anyone else's guitar or bass Ghost tones.


Took me a while to get into these guys. But when I heard a few songs I really liked, I started listening to all their albums. Now I love them. Great guitar tones (live as well) seems like more than just a "classic Marshall tone" Its thicker somehow. And the Bass tone! Probably one of the best recorded and Live Bass tones I've ever heard. All around a really good band.
Chris Catalyst and Per Erickson are the two main guitar players now. They have a third guy playing quite a bit of electric too, Swiss army ghoul. I would guess they’re still using the AxeFX. I’ve tried to get ahold of them but never got a reply.


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3 guitarists, 2 keyboard players, bass, drums... almost Earth Wind and Fire up there... Papa probably dont like that split lol.


I saw them this past Friday here in STL, and they sounded amazing. No gear on stage, so I can't say if they've moved to the III yet, but the tone was awesome. The expanded band sounds great. I think the third guitarist and 2nd keyboard player were added more for vocals to eliminate the vocal backing tracks, but of course the extra instruments thicken the sound up too.


I don't know if their new album is considered a good or bad Ghost album, but I'm completely digging it


I had read a few years ago that they planned to go in different directions on each of the next albums, and they seemed to be holding true to that. Meliora was darker and heavier, Prequelle is more pop like. I don't think you can really say if one is good or bad, just different. I've enjoyed all of them so far, and they are great to see live.


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I saw them in Philly on Tuesday and gotta say they have the best tone of any band out there. When the Black Guitar Ghoul ripped into Majesty it sounded like a Marshall stack on 10. The modeled sound through the PA sounds better then the real thing because there is no noise. Its such a direct sound that hits you. I only see one downside to modeling; guitars don't want to feedback in the good way. Love Ghost!
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