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Getting Volume/ Pan block to work


I've been using my ernie ball jr. pedal for volume control via an FX1 midi controller . It's been set up as "global " to send CC's to the input volume parameter. Works good .

I tried setting it up as a patch instead to control the Vol /Pan effect block. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but the pedal brings the volume down halfway during travel and then brings it back up on the same travel . It's almost as if it's panning left to right but I'm using a mono set up. What am I missing here ?



Power User
Which parameter of the Volume block did you assign the Modifier to? It should be assigned to the VOL parameter

What are you start, mid and end values in the modifier menu? They should be 0%, whatever you want as a mid point, and 100% respectively.

Also, did you remember to unassign the pedal as a global?
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