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Getting that Tool guitar sound. How to start?


Nice find here. Seems like we should experiment with adding a 4x15 bass cab IR into the mix for some depth. I've not seen that in any presets I've tried to emulate Jones.

There was another video, but I'm having trouble finding it where someone uses the VH4 plugin from brainworx and gets really close to AJ's tone as well. Not an Axe Fx, but I think it was some stand alone direct tones for listening.


I'll give it a shot, but probably fail pretty bad haha! It's 5am when I made this and my ears aren't awake yet.

Here is my attempt at the AEnima tone. To my ears the actual track sounds a bit darker than my tone, but maybe high passing more could help that. I used the Recto 1 amp and I've attached pics of the settings. I also used an old Redwirez Mesa V30 cap1 IR. I also tried copying the settings as best I could for the Flanger and Delay, but didn't put those in this sound clip.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1nx7zov61imc8k7/D20's AJ Tone.mp3?dl=0


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