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George Lynch + Badlands


New here
hi--i just got a midi box to finally get some patches into my amp . I have the axe fx 1.

Im looking specifically for Georges awesome tone on the excellent Back for the Attack album

also---Jake E Lees , killer tone on the 2 BADLANDS albums ..

Anyone on here have some patches that are close they could upload ???

I know they are both Marshall based , but they are quite different sounds . Jakes being pretty mid-rangey and liquidy ,....... and Georges is almost a bit scooped in the miidrange and percussive and more crispy on the top.........does that make sense ?? ;) :)


New here
Im thinking i can get close with a parametric and/ or graph ...but not sure on which OD to throw in the chain


493 dart... back in the day, there was a guy who posted a "Back for the Attack" patch that was pretty damn close. I'll see if I can dig it up for you this weekend.



New here
Thanks !!!!!!!!! they work--BUT--i need to tweak them . I use the axefx live into a cab ...so i am shunting the Cab , etc.... the Jake and Mr Scary arent too bad---need some tweaks...

the Dokken "Love" patch isnt even remotely close to reality though ;)
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