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Hey guys! just picked up an ax8 a little while ago and was wondering what the best/easiest/most cost-effective thing to plug this bad boy into is? please let me know..thanks


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If you have any studio monitors, pa cabs, or amps and cabs I would start with what you have and go from there.

Cam Heiliger

Best/Easy/Cost-Effective are all different things. Best? A pair of Adam A8X monitors will sound amazing and get you as much clarity and transparency as you could possibly want. Easiest? A Single, high quality FRFR. I use a 12" EV speaker for home play and live monitoring. Cost-Effective? Here is where you need to do your homework. The sound you get out of the AX8 is only as good as the signal chain. You want this thing to sound amazing? Use a high quality set of monitors or FRFR. You want it to sound mediocre? Run in through mediocre speakers. You want it to sound like shit? Well, you get the picture. This thing replaces basically every amp and effect you could possibly want and gives you the flexibility to route your signal basically any way imaginable. Save your money and buy a decent speaker(s) to run it through and you will be a satisfied customer for a long time. This is one area where you cannot pinch pennies. Good luck!


What Cam Heiliger said and... I totally recommend going with an FRFR solution.

I'm a mega ASM-12 fan (but in hindsight) I could have easily saved that $1800 I spent on the pair for another high quality guitar and been satisfied for what I do myself with a couple nice studio monitors. I paid roughly $650 for my Yamaha HS8 and probably any monitors in that price range will prob rock with an AX8.

Go into the AMP/Cabs forums there are a TON of threads on this topic/question that cover broad price ranges...
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