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Genelec 8351 "The Ones" with AxeFx 3?

Melissa Starr

New Member
Does anyone here have any experience using Genelec 8351 powered monitors with the Axe FX 3?

Would this be a huge noticeable step up from the Adam A7X?

Kamil Kisiel

I don't think it would make much of a difference in dialing in tones for the Axe-FX, the difference is going to be very subtle and if you use the Axe-FX with any other PA system or speakers when gigging it's not going to translate 100% anyway. The Genelecs are excellent studio speakers though (as are the A7X) and have great accuracy and transparency for mixing, so they are great if you're going to be doing any recording.


Power User
I love the AxeFXIII with my fairy new A7X’s! I look forward to other’s replies to this question.



Fractal Fanatic
I'm obsessed with mine. Highly recommended.
Adams are great, too. All about where the curves of budget and your "wants" intersect.

Melissa Starr

New Member
Are they a night and day difference with the Adams when you play the Axe FX in sound quality?
How about the difference when you are just listening to music with them?
Are things like details, clarity, soundstage, depth, etc a night and day difference with the Adams? Less fatiguing than the Adams? Sound better at low volume levels than the Adams?

What I'm trying to find out, is are they in another league than the Adams, or is this a case of the laws of diminishing returns?

I mean the Genelecs are about $8,000 a pair by the time you add in tax, vs $1,500 for the Adams... almost 6 times the price, of course I don't expect them to be 6 times better, but are they at least 2 or 3 times better?

They are not available in my area to demo in person, and I don't feel like putting them on my card just to try out and then possibly return, not until I at least get some input of others that have them.

If it's just a subtle difference between them and the Adam A7x then I'm not interested in spending that much for them, but if it's a huge improvement then I will probably get them.

Also, is your listening room adequately treated with bass traps and absorption panels?

I watched a review of these on youtube where a guy recorded them with a high quality mic, but his room was not treated at all. I realize these have room correction built in and with the extra software you can get for them, but still, the room correction is best if you are already in a room that's very much acoustically treated.
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