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Gated Reverb Tutorial


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Thanks, Leon! Cool stuff. Man, do you ever sleep? You put out more videos than CNN, lol. And they're all useful, too!


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Take advantage of the LFO in the Filter block & a Lowpass or even Tilt, actually experiment & see what you like best, and also with the LFO wave type & duty.. you can get some cool things going with that. I’ve been using it in front of the Octavia, which can really bring out those octave overtones. I basically was trying to copy the Lysis pedal from Solid Gold FX. Anyway, the addition of the LFO in the Filter block cane at the perfect time, and in messing around with it, this, (where you’re using it) could be a cool spot to use it to add some subtle effect. You can get an almost Univibe kind of “vibe” with a lowpass, Log & the duty offset to one side.


Maybe it’s mentioned already in the video, but there’s also a Gated Reverb preset among the factory presets.
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