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Gate on main Layout screen way off in Fw14 (NOT A BUG)


I don't usually put a gate in my signal path and used to only use the gate in the main layout screen. Now in FW14 all my patches are noisy and I have to pump the threshold from my usual -64 or so all the way to -28. It also doesn't close anywhere as fast as it used to. Just a head up to see if you can fix the glitch. The gate you can add in the signal path works perfectly and I had to switch to using it instead but I would rather use the other one so I don't have to waste a block in my signal chain.
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See the release notes:
Added Global Noisegate Offset parameter. This parameter allows offsetting the Noisegate threshold for all presets. This can be used to increase or decrease the threshold to compensate for varying interference levels. Note that if the Threshold parameter in the preset is set to “Off” the Global Offset will have no effect. NOTE: This parameter will default to -40 dB after installation of the firmware. Be sure to set to the desired value. The default value is 0 dB and is set to that upon System Reset.
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