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Gain Enhancer for clean tones


Does anyone use gain enhancer on clean tones?

In terms of how it’s described it always made sense to apply to Gain Enhancer to dirty tones for sustain. And it’s been a big hit since it came out.

I tried it on clean tones the other day, and was quite surprised how much I loved it. The feel became a little more lively and I got more sustain without losing all my dynamics. Much better choice than a pedal based compressor for my tastes.

im always late to the game I’m sure others are doing this already...


It is emulating acoustic coupling... It can have positive results for any type of tone.

It's primary use case is low volume or headphone playing where the guitar's pickups aren't interacting with a speaker.

hmm I didn’t consider the headphone option. That totally makes sense for why headphones are so often lackluster.


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At times I like that "acoustic stimulation" sensation of playing at loud volumes.

It's not quite the same using a compressor imho.

Joe Bfstplk

I use it, set to 1.0, on cleans. It seems to put a little bit of "fairy dust" on the feel. For dirty amps, I set it to 2.0 for enhanced "frying the air" feel/sound (without having to actually be so loud as to ("fry the air")....
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I use Audeze LCD-2 headphones all the time and I have to say I only found a couple of presets where I like the Gain Enhancer on. Muddies the sound to my ears.


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I'd never messed with this at all until today and damn! With it set to just 1-2 on my presets everything sounds so much more rich and full!


Was not aware of this parameter...
Checked it out - WOW !
Even on gain tones very usefull and clears up tone a little more - great....
Only set to 0.5 - 2 range depending on amp and settings - much fun !

Ugly Bunny

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Never heard of this; what block is it in and how do you use it? Sounds like just what I need for my clean tones...

EDIT: okay, just saw it's in the Amp block under compressor type. I'll have to give this a try!
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