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G3 modeling thread


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I think that it sometimes comes down to the nomenclature that we ( as guitarists ) use ....

I owned a POD, then an XT, etc; etc; .... I was probably one of the people complaining the loudest about the "fizz" ....

But now after all these years, what I think I was actually hearing ( and complaining ) about was in fact the digital aliasing ....

I just didn't have the "ears" to recognize it as such, and then describe it properly or accurately ....

I say this because as the XT development went forward and the aliasing was reduced ( never eliminated ), that's when people began to complain about the "highs" sounding unnatural ....

Cilff has figured out how to cure the aliasing, but is otherwise leaving the natural high frequency content intact ... !

I'm stoked for v18.00 !


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I hate to be the weird one, but you know whenever people talk about getting rid of "Fizz" it worries me a little. I like amps that have what I like to think of as 'Sizzle' which (having two z's and all ;) ) seems to overlap with what a lot of consider Fizz. A lot of times I will dig amps (Rectos, certain Marshall mods) that people will say "too fizzy".

Amps that lack any of this 'sizzle' always seem like the high end is insufficiently harmonically rich to me and I have sold real amps/gear because they didn't have this before.

Anyway I have supreme faith in Cliff and co's judgement since they have not let me down for years now, but I like I said, I don't like talk of high freq distortion 'fizz' as something to be completely eliminated... esp if it exists in the real amps. :D
I'm sort of in the same boat, and on certain real-world amps I want to hear that sizzle/fizz too (not all amps, but things like rectos, 5150 II/6505+, etc.).
But I'm not worried about the new FW, because each one has gotten us a little closer to the real deal - to the point where the minute differences were just about lost on someone like me. This makes me assume that the amps that are supposed to have it will, but those that shouldn't (or at least not to great extent) will not.
Pure speculation, but hey, it's the G3 thread :D


G3 (beta) definitively is a remarkable improvement, even though I (we) thought it couldn’t get better anymore.
No need to tweak intensively after updating. Based on the beta, current settings will be fine.

So what’s improved exactly? I can’t even define it exactly.
To me the high frequencies sound even more natural. In addition to the delight of hitting a power chord and hearing and feeling the more noticeable kerrang and decay.
It will cause heated discussion on other boards (“more real") but the Axe-Fx’s models are yet again closer to the originals.

And it’s apparent across all so far “treated” amps. Not just the distorted amps (Trainwreck, yummie!), the Fenders as well.
For some reason I’ve never bonded with the Double Verb. This has changed.
And oh my, the Vox-based models...

NDA in effect. Please don't ask details about specifics.
This is VERY encouraging. What you are describing are the EXACT challenges that have kept me from total and unwavering commitment to the Axe and abandoning amps and pedals altogether. I play mostly low to mid gain stuff (Vox, Fender, Morgan, Matchless, etc..) and the decay and bloom of notes and chords have never sounded or felt 100% right to me. It's very subtle and most listeners won't notice it, but it's definitely something I hear and am aware of.


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There's still plenty of sizzle. In fact, the fizz has morphed into something that sizzles—and cuts through the mix—even better.
It's all there... there's no "fizz"... there's all the high end detail and grind in the the high gain, without harshness... it's clear... it's like sitting in front of a XXXX...


Thanks to the beta bunch for the info! It's very, very tantalizing to hear.

The fact that Cliff likes it is more than good enough for me… but it's a lot of fun hearing other people's descriptions as well. When you know something great is coming, every little bit of information serves to whet the appetite.


This is what I was saying before even though some people bashed me about this. "More User Friendly Axe Fx" its coming with this G3 technology, lesser tuning means lesser parameters to twik is needed. I know it will get there.


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The G3 version of the 5E3 Deluxe Tweed model is a hoot. Totally unpredictable, nasty, gnarly and raunchy. I couldn't stop playing it yesterday. Just like the real amp you have to be careful with your volume control and how you approach the amp so that you keep it right on the edge of playability. So cool.
I would really like hearing a DI reamping comparison G2 vs. G3.... `cause we all know: Post a clip or it does not happened, right? ... :)


Many of the recent FW releases make amps I might otherwise pass over suddenly grab my complete attention. I have a feeling G3 will be my own personal HAL and I couldn't be more excited. I'd like to stop playing after 10 straight hours...I'm afraid I can't do that. OK, you win.


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Question to the beta testers: did you see any change in CPU load after the f/w install? More, same, or less CPU?

(I'm secretly hoping that Cliff's epiphany leading him to simplified algorithms, and the removal of advanced parameters that are "no longer required", have a positive impact on CPU efficiency - CPU limitations, to me, are the last remaining barrier to total bliss)
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