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FX8 working with Axe Fx II XL+

Rich Wood

Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked before but I can't seem to find it if it has....

Can the FX8 be used as a foot controller for the Axe FX II XL+ ?
Yes, though it has to connect via MIDI, not FASLink.

I have both an FX8 and an MFC 101, and the MFC is obviously quite a bit more capable as a MIDI controller. But the FX8 can certainly send program changes, continuous controllers, IA's, and scene selections. I don't remember whether or not it can pass expression pedal CC data to the Axe-FX...I don't think it can. The main limitation of the FX8 vs the MFC is the much smaller number of physical buttons available.

Other limitations - none of the MFC's real time sysex capabilities are available, so it can't display tuner data, tap tempo, or IA switch status from the Axe-FX.

I partially get around those limitations by coupling an Axe-FX II and the FX8 together with both audio and MIDI, which is limitless CPU heaven. I run in to the FX8 first and use it for all preamp and drive type stuff. You can also do various 4CM connection schemes between the two.
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Rich Wood

Hey thanks a lot for that information! It's much appreciated and it sounds great!

I currently have an Axe Fx II XL+ with the MFC101 mk3. I also have a Victory V30 with 2x12 cab.

I am wanting to mainly use the V30's amp tones live with the fx's and relay switching of the FX8.
And I want to keep the Ace Fx for studio sessions so was wanting to use the FX8 for channel changing. I just thinking I won't really need the MFC. I'm trying to scale things down a bit and making travel a little easier and all.

I think getting a FX8 is the answers
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