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FX8 with two amps?


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How do you do this? are you using 4cm? if so what's the routing look like? If not still what'd the routing look like? Is it straight from the Pre Out to the ABY then to the 2 amps? then how do you manage the Post Effects? Sound like a simple answer but sounds also like you're not using the POST effects that way

Guitar-TU3-FX8 input-FX8 PRE mono out-MXR Micro amp-AB-JCM800/Twin. One cable going to my board, two cables leaving the board to feed the amps.

I don't have any effects assigned as post, as everything runs straight into the front end of both of my amps.


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I'm trying out a 7CM with my FX8 mk II and 2 amps (one Carr The Bloke and one Dr Z Maz 38 Mk II), but I get a lot of unwanted hum from the Dr Z with this set up (No hum at all from the Carr amp though). I have it set up like this using panning hard L/R on the FX8 to select amp;
  1. Gtr ->FX8 In 1 (PRE) (Unbalanced Cable)
  2. FX8 Out 1 (PRE) L -> Carr Instrument Input (Humbuster Cable)
  3. FX8 Out 1 (PRE) R -> Dr Z Instrument Input (Humbuster Cable)
  4. Carr FX Send -> FX8 In 2 (POST) L (Balanced Cable)
  5. Dr Z FX Send -> FX8 In 2 (POST) R (Balanced Cable)
  6. FX8 Out 2 (POST) L -> Carr FX Return (Humbster Cable)
  7. FX8 Out 2 (POST) R -> Dr Z FX Return (Humbuster Cable)
Anybody out there with any suggestions on what to do to eliminate the hum issue?

When I run the same set-up using 5 cables (4CM on the Carr amp and just a single cable fro FX8 Out 1 (PRE) R to the Dr Z input) there's no hum at all. I'm actually OK with the 5CM, but I would definitely prefer to be able to run modulation effects through the loop of the Dr Z as well (No problem as long as the Z is not breaking up, but once I push it to break up modulation effect doesn't sound very good in front)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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