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FX8 Update

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems

Here is an update on the FX8. We've made great progress since our last announcement. As you may have seen in videos online, the product is working and sounding fantastic, and is now in the hands of beta testers. We even recently updated the firmware to support the latest Axe-Fx II effect enhancements.

We had hoped the FX8 would be in the store by now, but due to scheduling issues beyond our control we now expect to begin shipping in Q1 2015. We should be able to announce an actual ship date around NAMM, and should even have a unit or two on the show floor with select exhibitors.

If my personal experience with the FX8 is any indicator, I think you will agree that it is worth the extra wait.

Thanks for your patience and support,


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When can we expect a full demo? Can't give us a delay on the release date without giving us a little more to keep our focus, right? :D


Thanks for the update Matt. May we know soon who the "Select Exhibitors" are at the NAMM show that will have FX8 units on the floor please? I can assure you a B line will be made to their exhibits.
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